Young Justice: Aqualad Confirmed for Season 3, Details Here

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Young Justice: Aqualad Confirmed for Season 3, Details Here PHOTOGRAPH: Young Justice DC Facebook Page |

DC Animated series Young Justice is currently the hot topic of discussion among fans. Since the plan to renew the show for season 3 was announced, fans have been excited to find out if Darkseid will be cast as the main villain. There is an update on the upcoming show, but it is about another character, not Darkseid.

Comicbook recently spoke to Khary Payton about his return to the role as King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead midseason 7. Fortunately, the actor also shared details about his other project. He confirmed that he will play be involved in Young Justice season 3.

Aqualad Voice Actor Excited for Young Justice Season 3

Payton confirmed that he will reprise his character Aqualad in Young Justice season 3. “I can’t wait, I absolutely can’t wait,” Payton said. “It’s gonna be so much fun just getting back to those stories and getting back to Kaldur and seeing how he grows. He’s one of my favorite characters of all time.”

Payton Also Voiced Cyborg

Payton has also voiced Cyborg for Justice League Action, Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls. In Batman: Arkham Underworld, he lent his voice for Waylon Jones also known as Killer Croc. Furthermore, he also voiced Grimlock in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Payton is currently busy playing a prominent role as King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead. The character plays an alpha role as the leader of a place called The Kingdom. Payton’s character was just recently introduced in season 7 of the TV series.

Aqualad was the main character in season one. The character was an apprentice under Aquaman. Surprisingly, fans were more interested in watching an Atlantian lead the team over Robin.

Nightwing has also grown to watch over and command team Young Justice. Moreover, Aqualad remained in the dark and operated for the good of the team in the second season. However, his screen time was drastically reduced compared to the first season.

The series is currently in active development. Payton may have confirmed Aqualad’s presence. However, it is unknown if the character will once again be appointed as the leader of Young Justice.

Young Justice animated TV series first aired in January 2011. However, the series was cancelled after the final episode of season 2 in 2013. Fans continued to protest and campaign for renewal of the series. Warner Bros. responded and confirmed the third season of the series.

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