Xiaomi Mi 4c Android Nougat Update Release Date May Be Revealed Soon

Xiaomi Mi 4c Android Nougat Update Release Date May Be Revealed Soon PHOTOGRAPH: Jon Russell/ Flicker |

Another Xiaomi smartphone is set to get an Android Nougat update soon. Technology comes up with new things every single day and the progress itself is astounding. Now, the electronics market are in a race to update their products to keep up with the rest, now Xiaomi Mi 4c has joined the bandwagon.

Joining The Trend

According to GSMArena, the latest buzz is all about the Android Nougat and the phones that will have the update. Xiaomi Mi 4C and other models Mi Note, Mi 4s and Mi Max will be getting the latest update. The Chinese company rolled out the latest Android OS for its Mi 5 smartphone just last week.

The news of the update was initially leaked in December 2016. The Xiaomi phones would run on Android 4.4 to Android 6.0. So device owners around the world welcome the news of the OS being upgraded to the latest system.

They are not the only brand that has joined the Nougat bandwagon. In fact, there are a lot of major brands that are now upgrading their Android OS as well. Motorola, Samsung and Sony are upgrading some of their devices to keep up with the line of upcoming products.

Lately, phones are upgrading multiple times a year to keep up with the latest system requirements. Most of the time, the upgrades are meant to improve phones and keep them ahead of the rest. However, the most important thing to note is that newer apps and features required an upgraded system.

In other Xioami News, the much-awaited MIUI 9 willl be released sometime this year. There is no confirmed release date yet, but there is no doubt many Xiaomi users cannot wait to get it on their phones. According to DLB Gadget, there are a lot of new features like Doze Mode, Project Svelte, Always On VPN, and call screening. There were a couple of screenshots that made it online but no further details were revealed.


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