Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List Expands, Rocket Knight Now Playable On Latest Gen-Console

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List Expands, Rocket Knight Now Playable On Latest Gen-Console PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Hiroh Satoh |

The Xbox One backwards compatibility is one of the biggest features from Xbox this year. When gamers get a console, all the games that can be played there are strictly exclusive to that model. Those that spend a lot on games will find it difficult to shift consoles right away because of how much they have invested in their console.

The good news is Xbox One backwards compatibility will be possible for those who have or will buy Microsoft’s latest-generation console. The feature generally means that games that are meant for the Xbox 360 can be played in the Xbox One. Thus, there are technically more games available to play.

New Additions

According to GameSpot, there are new additions to the backwards compatibility list. Rocket Knight and Shadows Of the Damned were added on January 26. The titles should automatically show up in the Xbox One game library. These new games are part of the additional 15 titles that were added this month.

Of course, players interested to get the games can install it directly using a physical disc or downloaded from the games library. However, the decision to add the games in the backwards compatibility list still depends on the company. Shadows of the Damned gained over 2,000 votes. Rocket Knight, on the other hand, only got less than a thousand votes all in all.

It is reported that the decision also depends on the original publishers and whether or not they’re okay with their games going live. The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 game currently sits at the top with over 200,000 votes so far. While fans are putting pressure on Xbox for the title, there is no news if it will make backwards compatibility so far.

The List Grows

Earlier this month it was confirmed that there are more than 300 game titles playable on Xbox One backwards compatibility. While games like Assassin’s Creed, Bayonetta, Dead Space, and Doom are already on the list. Microsoft plans on adding hundreds more in 2017.

Lastly, there are no specific dates for the game title announcements. According to Express UK, despite random announcements by Microsoft, it is a bit predictable. The announcements usually fall on a Tuesday and Thursday. There are some games that were voted on Microsoft most requested site.

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