Xbox One Update: Gamers to Enjoy Faster Dashboard, Details Here

Xbox One Update: Gamers to Enjoy Faster Dashboard, Details Here

Microsoft has just updated their gaming console and it will be released by Spring. The New Year brings new things for technology and an Xbox One Update is just what gamers are looking for. While many are looking forward to new games, others are more focused on the updates of the gaming consoles themselves.

According to The Verge, The Xbox One update has a new look and it will mainly focus on speed. Microsoft revealed last week that it plans to rebuild the Xbox One dashboard. Mike Ybarra, the head of platform engineering for Xbox, teased that common tasks will now be easier to do and what the new dashboard will look like.

A new Xbox button will be added, this is part of the guide that slides into view. Players will be able to quickly switch between games and apps without going back to the dashboard home. This, not only saves a lot of time, it will speed up the dashboard overall. In fact, this is one of the big issues of the current guide since it creates lag.

The update was announced back in November 2016 when Microsoft announced they were planning on expanding the Xbox Guide Menu. While the main feature was only revealed there are others that will be part of the Xbox One Update. Features such as a Gamerscore leaderboard, new achievement tracking overlay, music controls and a new Cortana design as well.

Windows Central also reported that there are also new recording options available. Players will have to press the menu button with the new Guide open. This then gives quick access to clipping different lengths of time from the Game DVR.

In addition to that, there is also a new streaming icon on the multi-tasking menu. This will possibly enable gamers to stream their games onto Beam, and possibly Twitch as well. Microsoft may make it compatible with other services in the market as well.

Microsoft is currently in the final stages of the update and are testing it for flaws. Considering Ybarra was able to show the main guide feature means they are far along in development. Xbox One preview members may be able too get the update in the coming weeks, while others will get it by Spring.


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