Xbox One and PS4 Games to Look out for in February 2017

Xbox One and PS4 Games to Look out for in February 2017 PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Mack Male |

Gamers will have more exciting games to look forward to this month. Xbox One and PS4 games do not usually get released in February, which is considered a slow month. But the good news is there are some great games that are worth checking out this time.

The month of February will bring new Xbox One and PS4 games. While there are a lot of games that get released each month, there are still some games that have real quality. According to Gamespot, there are over eight games that will be released for both Xbox One and PS4 in the next month. Multiple gaming websites provided a list of games that will come out this month, but changes may occur without notice.

February Releases

De-formers will be the first to be released on February 14, along with For Honor and Sniper Elite. De-formers is a multiplayer game, where cartoon blob-like characters must knock opponents out of the arena. For Honor is an action game where players can choose their own factions to take out enemies. Sniper Elite 4, on the other hand, is a tactical third-person shooter set in an open world environment.

Next up are the games getting released on February 21. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is a hack and slash title from the minds of Dynasty Warriors. Night In The Woods is an exploration adventure game, where players must find the reason why Possum Springs changed.

Even More Games

There are two exclusive games for both consoles. The Xbox One exclusive, Halo Wars 2, is the more strategic game where card-based combat is used as a feature in-game. The PS4 exclusive, on the other hand, is titled YS Origin. Players will be immersed in an action RPG game focused on the story of Ys.

Lego Worlds is the only game that is scheduled for release on February 24 and will be available on both consoles. This is a sandbox game that lets players create anything they want. Other than blocks, there are vehicles and other interesting things to check out.

There are two games that will be released on February 28 — Torment: Tides Of Numenera and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Tides is a tactical combat game that is the successor to the game Planescape: Torment. It is also a classic RPG game in essence. Horizon, on the other hand, is a PS4-exclusive RPG that explored a post-apocalyptic tribal world, Gaming Bolt noted.


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