Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Major Games Could Be Added To The List In January 2017

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Major Games Could Be Added To The List In January 2017 Xbox One Gamers Wade Rockett/ Flickr cc

After the revelation of the Xbox Games with Gold free games for January 2017, the list of games under the Xbox One backwards compatibility program saw the last game title editions this December.

As mentioned in a separate post, already known up are The Cave and Rayman Origins. Both are the the free games for the Xbox 360 subscriber under the Games with Gold batch for January. The list will bloat in 2017 with more games promised.

New Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games Coming In 2017

Microsoft will add more game titles in 2017 to provide Xbox One owners more games to play. Hence, Microsoft takes a break, announcing that no more games are expected for 2016 as announced by Larry Hryb/Major Nelson.

With December ending next week, this may hardly matter since Microsoft already released six new game titles to gamers earlier this month. The last games added include Bully Scholarship Edition, Catherine, Clannad, Planets Under Attack, Raskulls, and Skydive.

The Big Additions To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program

The last six game titles wrap up 2016 for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program with most satisfied. Looking to earlier this December, it was actually the addition of the BioShock trilogy that stole the show.

The Bioshock series is one of the most requested for the Xbox One Backwards compatibility games. They have been finally ported from the Xbox 360, which should delight gamers, Gamespot reported.

With the latest game title additions, Microsoft has achieved its goal of offering 300 games to gamers. Nearly half of Xbox One owners are reportedly into the program with tons of game titles to choose from.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer notes that nearly half of Xbox One owners have been using the backwards compatibility program. More than 210 million ours have been spent by gamers on the ported versions, with Xbox One owners looking forward to more Xbox 360 game titles in 2017.