Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Like GTA 5 Online, GTA 4 Enjoying Sales Success

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Like GTA 5 Online, GTA 4 Enjoying Sales Success PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Seyi Ogunyemi |

Xbox One Backwards compatibility is making both fans and game developers happy since its announcement. Now that players can use the new Xbox feature to play older games, there some who have gone out of their way to get Xbox 360 games. This means that even games that were released years ago may experience some rise in sales.

One of the most successful game franchise is Grand Theft Auto. It is already on its fifth game installment and still has a huge following in the gaming community. However, the Xbox One Backwards compatibility just opened new doors to Rockstar Games.

More Sales

According to Gamezone, Rockstar Games always had great sales. Grand Theft Auto V is still selling like hot cakes even if it already sold more than 75 million copies. Its predecessor, GTA IV, didn’t do as well as the recent installment, but it was one of the best selling games of its generation.

Now that Xbox One Backwards compatibility allows older games on the newer console, GTA IV has a sudden spike in sales. Though there were fans waiting to see a remaster, it made no sense since backwards compatibility makes it easier to play the game right away. No more waiting for developers to release a remaster months later.

In fact, the spike in sales was so extreme that the units sold increased by over 8000% on Amazon alone. This did not include the GTA IV complete edition that has both the main game and both expansions. The complete edition saw an increase of 4500%.

Not the First Time

This may be unbelievable for games to have this sudden increase of sales, but not for Rockstar Games. They experienced a spike with major game Red Dead Redemption when the title was confirmed for Xbox One Backwards compatibility. This may seem like great news for Rockstar if their games do go backward compatible on the newer Xbox One console.

Gaming Issues

In other news, the GTA IV game runs faster on the Xbox One. According to Gamespot, the performance of the game is much better, but it also feels choppier and uneven. At times it does seem to lag a lot. Perhaps, an update or two will be released in the future to address this issue.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstars’ next game release. The sequel game will be released this Fall 2017 on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So far there aren’t details released regarding the game, but fans are speculating it could be a reboot.

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