Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Juju, Madtracks, Stuntman Added to List

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Juju, Madtracks, Stuntman Added to List Under CC BY 2.0

Three more titles were added to the line up for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program on Tuesday.Specific players should see these titles automatically show up in the Xbox One game library. Some players, however, need to buy the titles. Read on to know more.

Playing games is a favorite past time for many, and those who take the hobby seriously invest a lot of money on their home console’s games. Unfortunately, when there is a new console out, it could mean that older games will not be playable anymore.

When Microsoft announced that an Xbox One backwards compatibility feature will be making its way to the console, gamers rejoiced. Now they can go back to playing the games they loved on the Xbox 360 and enjoy playing the newer releases as well. In this sense, the money invested on the older games are not wasted.

There were several additions in the backwards compatibility list in January. A few more were added to the list on the last day of the month. According to Major NelsonJuju, Mad Tracks, and Stuntman: Ignition are now playable on the Xbox One. In conclusion, players who owned these games on the Xbox 360 should see it automatically show up in the Xbox One game library. Of course, players who are interested in owning them can buy the games — Juju for $15, Mad Tracks for $10, and Stuntman: Ignition for $15.

New Additions

Juju features an adventure with a shaman panda, Juju, and his lizard sidekick Peyo. They go on a journey to save Juju’s father in a beautifully animated world. It was released in 2014 and is a light-hearted adventure game.

Mad Tracks is a racing game released back in 2007. It has single player mode and multiplayer mode where the main objective is to win the gold. There are also some objectives that need to be completed while racing.

Lastly, Stuntman: Ignition is the sequel to the Stuntman game. It features six fictional films in the single player mode. Players have to complete the objectives set out by the director in each scene. The players are the stunt drivers of the fictional films.

More Games in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Those who are not updated with the games list will be glad to know there are more than 300 listed games for this feature, as noted by Gamespot. It began with a handful of games, and then Microsoft started adding more titles. There will reportedly be hundreds more added in the future.

Some of the games that have already made the list include Alice: Madness Returns, Battlefield 3, Doom, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Shadows Of The Damned. With regards to the Project Scorpio console, the backwards compatibility features will be available as well.

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