Xbox Games With Gold February 2017 Lineup Remains a Secret With Less Than two Weeks Before January Ends

Xbox Games With Gold February 2017 Lineup Remains a Secret With Less Than two Weeks Before January Ends PHOTOGRAPH: Vegan Soldier/ Flickr |

There are more Xbox games coming up next month but they are being kept a secret for now. Video game enthusiasts spend a big amount of money on games and the consoles themselves. So when a new console comes out, many players think twice before buying it because of the money that was spent on the games they already own.

Games Kept Secret

The Games With Gold February line up for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be announced this week. While leaks usually get out prior to the official announcement, Microsoft has been keeping their details under wraps. However, the tech giant already has a date in mind when it comes to confirming their list of free Xbox games.

According to Express UK, there will be a total of four games announced by Microsoft. Two are on the Xbox One and two are on the Xbox 360. The roster, which will likely be released on either Monday or Tuesday, will be compatible with the next-gen console. This is possible due to the backwards compatibility feature. Unfortunately there are no details regarding the titles of the games included in the February line up.

Backwards Compatibility

Based on previous releases, there were no AAA games included in the Games With Gold list. Players did manage to get Gears Of War 2, but the other games were not up to par. So far, the only title that is confirmed for download is Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Season, which will be available until February 15. However, this is not part of the secret game list.

In other news, gamers who are looking forward the BC feature of the Xbox consoles will be glad to know that there are more than 300 games that are compatible with the latest-generation console. For gamers who have invested a lot of time and money on their older games, this is a godsend.

According to Gamespot, Mutant Storm Empire, Tekken 6, and Midway Arcade Origins are the latest additions to the game list. Other games that have made the list are Bayonetta, Call Of Duty 2, Dark Souls, Doom, Halo Wars, and many more. There will reportedly be “hundreds” more games to be released in the future.


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