WWE WrestleMania 33 Match Predictions: Sasha Banks Poised To Get A ‘Big Match’

WWE WrestleMania 33 Match Predictions: Sasha Banks Poised To Get A ‘Big Match’ Sasha Banks Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office/ Flickr cc

Sasha Banks may be out of the main title picture, but she has certainly proven herself a star on the WWE roster. The WWE Women’s title has now shifted to Bayley and Charlotte with Banks now dealing with Nia Jax.

While the whole setup seems to indicate a Sasha Banks shun, it may be just a temporary respite. In fact, she may even be back in time for one of the big cards at WrestleMania 33, the Wrestling Observer reported.

Is Sasha Banks Helping Nia Jax?

At first, it would make sense to see Sasha Banks take a break. She does have an injury that may have not fully healed, but feuding against a big Nia Jax nixes all that. The physicality is still there so the logical way to put it is Banks helping Jax.

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Jax has been stepping back for Banks and Charlotte and this storyline could help her get on track. With “The Boss” already proving herself as a star-powered commodity, her road back to the gold could be by April in Orlando. In short, the former champion is most likely getting another chance at WrestleMania 33, Daily DDT reported.

Bayley To Win Title?

Right now, Bayley is the dance partner of Charlotte. She does hold a good batting average against the Women’s champion, but the scenario could change in the coming months.

While most would love to see Bayley become champion, it all falls into the hands of the WWE creative team. It could happen at the Royal Rumble or other upcoming pay-per-views. Also, it would be best to note that Charlotte is also a proven star who doesn’t need the title on her waist to hit it well with the fans.

Hence, Banks could face either Bayley or Charlotte again at WrestleMania 33. Between the two, seeing a Bayley vs. Banks tiff could be more interesting to see.