Worldwide UFO Sightings Reached All Time High – Report

UFO Sightings
Worldwide UFO Sightings Reached All Time High – Report PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Jonas Bengtsson | Under CC BY 2.0

A recent data concluded that worldwide UFO sightings reached an all-time high in the recent decade. Sam Monfort, a statistician and Ph.D. candidate, compiled the data from the National UFO Reporting Center. The data revealed that people have spotted more UFOs in the recent decade.

Worldwide UFO sightings reached an all-time high

Monfort is also a doctoral student at the George Mason University. He wrote about his findings from the NUFORC. His data is not a simple hunch since it came from an organization which kept factual documents regarding UFO sightings.

According to Monfort, the sightings reached an all-time high in the recent decade. The worldwide UFO Sightings from 1990 to 2000 rose with over 30 thousand yearly sightings. The number had risen since the 1980’s but hit the highest point starting in 2010, where there are about 45,000 yearly sightings. Moreover, the U.S. also hit an all-time high with UFO sightings.

The UFO sightings in the U.S. have risen steadily since the 90s. Currently, there are about 2,500 sightings per 10 million people in the country, which is 300 times higher than the global median.Monfort stated that the shapes of the reported UFOs have also changed. People started reporting seeing saucers but recently, it began to change into seeing mysterious lights.

UFO sightings increased with the advent of the internet

Since 1905, there have been exactly 104, 947 UFO sightings recorded in the data from the NUFORC. One of the first recorded sightings in 1905 came from Portland. A report claimed to see sphere-shaped UFO that descended from the clouds. From then on, various shapes have popped up. The reports about seeing flying saucers dominated the data. When the 1990s came, reports about seeing mysterious lights started to get more popular than seeing saucers flying.

Monfort wondered why people reported lights instead of tangible shapes. He gave a possible answer and stated, “Maybe claiming to see “lights” is less likely to make your friends and family react skeptically than claiming you saw an actual UFO up-close, especially now that everyone walks around with a handy picture-taking device in their pocket.”

The statistician also pointed out that the number of UFO sightings in the U.S. jumps up every July 4. The July 4th effect started in 2008. Monfort added that the mysterious lights might are probably actual fireworks.

Aside from the possible wrong misconception on the lights, Monfort also stated that the internet connectivity might explain the spike in UFO sightings, Monfort stated that the likely reason for Americans’ obsession to UFOs could be related to internet access. He said, “You have to have Internet access to submit a report, after all.”

Sources: The National UFO Reporting Center, Fox News

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