World’s First Smart Condom Comes With Sensor And Nano-Chips

World’s First Smart Condom Comes With Sensor And Nano-Chips PHOTOGRAPH: Pexels/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

The world’s very first smart condom comes complete with a sensor and nano-chips. Similar to Fitbit, it can track steps, calories burned and how one sleep at night. The user can even share the results to his/her friends.

Technology has advanced to the point that the tech can be almost invisible to the naked eye. In fact, some tech are being used in medicine in order to observe vital medical statistics. The British company i.Con has pushed the envelop further with its innovation of the i.Con Smart Condom.

i.Con Smart Condom is the future of making sex

As a form of contraceptive, the condom has been around for decades. The recent manufactured products were upgraded in terms of material. However, none have used nano chips and sensors to measure and record different variables during intercourse, until the i.Con Smart Condom.

The Smart Condom is not an actual condom. It is actually a ring that will sit over the base of a condom and is reusable. It can also measure things like penis girth, “average velocity,” total number of thrusts and frequency of sex sessions. Skin temperature is also measured. The ability to record the different positions used is currently in BETA testing.

After every session, the user can check the information collected on the i.Con app. This application is available for both Android and iPhone. The ring has an integrated micro USB port. The ring can also be plugged into a computer to charge it.

i.Con Smart Condom features and specification

According to the British Condoms website, it is extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight. The i.Con can be adjusted to suit everyone’s girth thanks to the band adjustment feature. It can also be used anonymously and users will be given the option to share information with friends or the world.

One of the best features is that it has is an STI indicator. This is currently being tested and has yet to be confirmed. It will reportedly have an antibodies filter that sends an alert to the smartphone. This happens when it detects antigens or proteins found in STIs.

Given that the product is still in its final stages of testing. The i.Con can only be pre-ordered. Those in the UK can pre-order one for $73.58. It may be distributed internationally given there is enough demand for it. The release date is targeted for some time in 2017. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific date for the public release.


Source: i.Con Website

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