World’s First Full-Sized Supersonic Hyperloop One Test is Happening in Las Vegas

World’s First Full-Sized Supersonic Hyperloop One Test is Happening in Las Vegas Hyperloop at Launch Festival 2016 from Kevin Krejci /Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Hyperloop One is a technology that would allow people to travel at lightning speed from one place to another in tube trains. The first full-size testing of the technology is set to take place in Apex, Las Vegas within the next three months.

It will be the first of its kind, since no other technology has been able to achieve levitation at extremely high speed. If Hyperloop One is perfected, transport speed up to 700 mph can be achieved using barely any electricity.

Hyperloop One Prepare For Testing

The company was awarded $10 million in tax incentives by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. It has gone to expand funding for its transport project to a whopping $160 million. With the finances, the company constructed an open air track to test its product in Nevada. It has also hired staff and executives to help develop the site.

Finally, Hyperloop One will be ready for testing in a few months, announced Nick Earle, the company’s senior vice president. The test would observe levitation capabilities, assess the correct speed and learn the process of slowing down.

Even though Hyperloop One uses complicated technology, Earle tried to surmise it in layman terms. “You take an autonomous vehicle pod, you put it inside a tube, you take the air out of a tube … then you use a linear motor … and passive maglev (magnetic levitation), and you put it in a horizontal line and it goes fast,” he said, reported Review Journal.

Will Hyperloop Reduce Transport Costs?

Achieving another feat in advanced transport technology is one of the aspects of Hyperloop One. Another key agenda is reducing the cost of transportation. Currently, the cost of its production and engineering is already half of that of a high speed railway.

In order to carry out repeated testing, the company has built a 100,000-square foot Metalworks fabrication facility and a 137-acre Apex test and safety site in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

The exact date the testing takes place has not been exactly determined. However, the finished product will not be commercially operational for at least another four years.

According to Venture Beat, as many as 35 Hyperloop One projects around the world are scheduled to begin. Countries like Dubai are scrambling for approval to avail this technology.

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