World’s First Flying Taxi Won’t Be From America, It’s From the Middle East

World’s First Flying Taxi Won’t Be From America, It’s From the Middle East PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ETC-USC | Under CC BY 2.0

Recently, Dubai tested a Chinese prototype of a self-driving hover-taxi. Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority announced that they tested an autonomous drone which is capable to carry passengers above the city’s traffic jam. Their aim is to introduce the aerial vehicle by July. If this project is successful, the first flying taxi will come from the Middle East, not in the most technological-advanced countries like the United States.

The world’s first flying taxi might be available in July 2017

The RTA held a demonstration during the three-day World Government Summit. They hope that the first flying taxi will start its operation in the United Arab Emirates, in the middle of 2017. The drones came from the Chinese company, Ehang.

The self-driving drone, dubbed as the Ehang 184, has the ability to travel over 62 miles an hour at the height of 984 feet, which is above any road conditions, according to PHYS.Org. The model can power up to eight propellers using an electric motor for up to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the drone’s charging time takes two hours. The ground control will monitor the drone’s take-off, flight and landing. Additionally, the manufacturer designed the drone to stand up against Dubai’s summer days and cold nights.

This latest announcement would mean that commuters from Dubai might soon climb aboard the automated taxi. It will soar over busy streets and fly over the gleaming skyscapers. Most noteworthy, the drone can literally start with a simple push of a button.These passenger drones are capable of carrying a single passenger with one, small suitcase. Experts see it as an ambitious plan that can increase driverless technology.

Matta Al-Tayer, transportation authority head, stated that the drone they used for the demonstration during the summit was not a simple model. Al-Tayer stated that they already used the same drone to experiment with the vehicle in flight.

World’s First Flying Taxi: Ehang added ‘a ton’ of safety features to the aerial vehicle

There are many people that would balk at the idea of riding a self-driving car. To ease these worries, Ehang designed the drone with a lot of safety systems. In the event that a mechanical malfunction happens, the makers programmed the drone to land at the nearest safe destination. Moreover, the autonomous aerial vehicle comes with secure networks to safeguard it from hackers with malicious intent.

As of late, the U.A.E. is on the forefront of advanced experiments in the transportation sector. In addition, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One will have its site on the desert country, according to Step Feed. The Hyperloop is a high-speed train that can carry passengers from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi. It would be a trip over 100 miles under 12 minutes. Among the first-world countries, U.A.E. is the most aggressive on implementing self-driving cars. Dubai’s officials hope that autonomous cars will comprise the country’s entire transport system in the year 2030.

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