Wonder Woman Toys Teases Main Villain Ares, Details Here

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Wonder Woman Toys Teases Main Villain Ares, Details Here PHOTOGRAPH: Wonder Woman Official Facebook Page |

French magazine Studio Cine Live confirmed that Ares will appear in Wonder Woman. A detailed description revealed that he is also responsible for the chaos that occurred in the movie. However, Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the existence of the supervillain in the upcoming movie.

Ares is known as the God of War. He is one of the Old Gods in DC Universe and the son of Zeus. Ares has the ability to manipulate villains to drive them into unnecessary battles.

A new promo material for the movie seemed to have confirmed Ares’ appearance in Wonder Woman for the second time. Furthermore, it suggested that the studio is teasing the announcement to increase the hype among audience. Clues recently surfaced, fueling discussions about the movie.

Ares Is Hinted Through Wonder Woman Action Figures

A Twitter user shared two photos of a Wonder Woman action figure. It gave fans a look at Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in her Amazonian attire. An action figure of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor wearing a green jacket was also revealed. Check the embedded post below.

The catch lies in the extra item that came with the action figure. It came with black item inside the box, which is a build-a-figure piece. The texture is similar to Ares’ armor.

Ares Sword Was Also Stolen by Diana Prince

It looks like Warner Bros. is slowly revealing its main trump card villain from Wonder Woman. The photo of the action figure is not clear. However, the right bottom of the box shows an “ARES” text.

Ares has not been part of any promotional photo or clip released from Wonder Woman. However, the report from Studio Cine Live revealed that the villain battles the Amazonians in the movie. Zeus met his demise in the hands of God of War himself.

In an earlier promo photo, Gadot’s Diana Prince was shown stealing the God Killer sword from Themyscira. The weapon belongs to the God of War and is commonly known as Sword of Ares. It is speculated that the sword is guarded by the Amazonians and was taken away from Ares after his battle in Themyscira.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 2. Aside from Gadot and Pine, Connie Nielsen will be featured as Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright will play the role of General Antiope. The movie is already in its post-production stages.

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