Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot Releases New Photo, Teases Diana Prince

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Wonder Woman: Gal  Gadot Releases New Photo, Teases Diana Prince PHOTOGRAPH: Wonder Woman Official Facebook Page |

Warner Bros. is currently promoting the upcoming Wonder Woman. A photo also revealed that WB started its lead press day earlier than expected. Gal Gadot managed to get exclusive promotional photos, which she shared to her excited fans.

The Wonder Woman actress recently shared a photo on her Instagram account. The image seems to be a behind-the-scenes shot in Themyscira, which is a fictional Island and home of the female superhero. Furthermore, fans can also spot her fellow Amazonians standing behind her. However, the background image is blurred and their identities are unknown.

Wonder Woman Photo Reveals Her as Diana Prince in Themyscira

The photo gave fans a candid look at Gadot as Diana Prince. The actress is also wearing a costume that looks similar to the uniform of Amazonians. It is likely that the filming took place closer to the ocean on the island. Similar behind-the-scene photos were earlier shared by French magazine Studio Cine Live. It allowed fans to get a look at Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta wearing her majestic armor in Themyscira.

Themyscira Is a Fictional Island Shown in DC Comics

Amazonians are the people living in Themyscira. The island is home only to women. They are known for worshipping the Old Gods Zeus in DC Comics.

Gadot seems to have been just sharing her dose of love for the movie. Fans can expect more promo photos as the movie’s official release date nears. Wonder Woman is scheduled to be released on June 2.

Gadot stars as the protagonist Diana Prince. Her life changed when Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, crash landed on the island. She later traveled to the other side of the world and took another identity as Wonder Woman.

Gadot played Wonder Woman in Justice League, another DC movie. The character will have a prominent role in stopping alien forces in a planet known as Apokolips. The female superhero, along with others, will be fighting the main villain known as Steppenwolf in the movie.

Gadot is expected to finish her press junkets for Wonder Woman. The actress is currently pregnant. However, she has actively been working round the clock for her DC movies. She recently had another dialogue recording for Justice League.

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