Wonder Woman: Warner Bros. Begins Promo For DC Movie In Other Regions [Photo And Video]

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Wonder Woman: Warner Bros. Begins Promo For DC Movie In Other Regions [Photo And Video] PHOTOGRAPH: Wonder Woman Official Facebook Page |

Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman is closing in on its official release. Fortunately, the movie has already set its anticipation high thanks to its first trailer release at last year’s SDCC.

Earlier in November, Warner Bros. decided to share the second trailer for Wonder Woman. Although some fans believed it was too early to begin promotions for the film, the 2:31-minute footage aided in hyping the DC movie for 2017.

Currently, it looks like Warner Bros. is formulating plans to promote Wonder Woman in other regions. While its two trailers made an impact worldwide, the studio is working on new posters, clips and translated trailers for foreign nations.

Wonder Woman Bus Stop Poster In Mexico

A new poster has revealed that the studio has begun its marketing for Wonder Woman in Mexico. A poster of Diana Prince holding her Ares sword was shared on Reddit. Fans can check it out below.

The photo reveals the Wonder Woman poster on a bus stop. Earlier, Warner Bros. used similar promotional tactics for Suicide Squad as well.

Comic Book also shared a new international trailer for Wonder Woman. Fans must note that the footage does not contain new scenes. But the language was translated to Russian for the DC audience in Russia.

The international trailer is the same footage that was released worldwide in English last November. Fans can check out the Russian version of the trailer below.

Russian Language Trailer Released!

Earlier, Warner Bros. shared a new photo from Wonder Woman. The image revealed Dian Prince attempting to steal the Sword of Ares from Amazon. Fans can check it out below.

Gal Gadot’s movie is scheduled to release on June 2nd this year. It’s likely that Warner Bros. will begin sharing more clips and photos on social media as part of its promotion.

The studio will also likely work side-by-side with the promotion of Justice League. The movie is set to hit theatres on November 17th. Moreover, the female superhero also plays a prominent role in the DC team up movie.

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