Wonder Woman Cast: David Thewlis Reportedly Playing Ares

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Warner Bros. revealed various Wonder Woman cast members in the past. In the last few months, fans were able to learn that Ares will serve as the main villain of the movie. Images of some Wonder Woman action figures which included some collectible pieces from Ares’ armor surfaced, proving Ares’ role in the film. Despite knowing who the villain is, the movie executives did not made the actor’s identity known to the public. However, a recent report claimed that David Thewlis will play as Ares.

Wonder Woman Cast: David Thelis takes on the role of Ares

Thewlis was best known for his role in the Harry Potter films as Professor Remus Lupin. Batman News reported that Thewlis will play the iconic role of Ares. Reports suggested that the film will portray Ares through the blending of some practical visual effects and computer-generated imagery. The reports about the possible usage of special effects and CGI to portray Ares prompted speculations that it might be the reason why he is mostly absent in the film’s trailers.

Fans already saw a lot of marketing materials and photos from DC’s Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. revealed some of the Wonder Woman cast members except the actor for the main villain. The company was successful in keeping the actor’s identity under wraps for a long time which generated curiosity from the public.

Wonder Woman Cast: Why did Warner Bros. kept David Thewlis’ character a secret?

In November 2015, Warner Bros. announced about Thewlis’ casting for the film. Unlike the other actors for the film, Warner Bros. kept Thewlis’ role hidden from the public. As a result, fans speculated on Thewlis’ possible role. It seems like 2017 is Thewlis best year due to his multiple assignments. In addition to the film, he will also star on FX’s TV series, Fargo.

Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman which will launch on June 2. The film’s cast members include Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Other cast members are Robin Wright as General Antiope and Lucy Davis as Etta Candy.

Wonder Woman’s origin story: Spoiler Alert

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. He serves as the God of War in the Greek mythology. One of the film’s trailers revealed that Zeus created Diana. However, her comic book origin was different. Hippolyta made her from a lump of clay and Athena gave her life. Later versions of the comics made her a daughter of Zeus.

Wonder Woman started as Diana, the princess of the Amazons. She is a well-trained and undefeated warrior. She was raised on an island paradise until an American pilot crashes on the shores of the sheltered island who told them about the massive conflict in the outside world. Diana felt obliged to stop the threat. Hence, she left her home to stop the conflict.

For the full report on David Thewlis role as Ares head to Batman News website.

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