Wonder Woman Cast: Batman Ben Affleck to Appear before Justice League

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The members of the Wonder Woman cast has already been announced in the past weeks. The launch for Wonder Woman is only a months away. The hype and excitement for the film continue to build up as the release inches closer. A recent rumor will surely make DC fans elated. Some folks suggested that Ben Affleck’s Batman will make a cameo on the film.

Wonder Woman Cast: Will Batman Enter the Amazon world?

The upcoming film will take place years before the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took place. Still, rumor has it that Batman will make a cameo on Wonder Woman. The rumor came from the recent test screenings of the film. A source claim that DC fans will be treated with a cameo of Batman.

The movie will take place in World War 1. However, rumors suggested that the opening of the film will take place in the present time, which happened after the events from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Wonder Woman will supposedly begin in modern-day Paris. Diana will be having an email exchange with Bruce Wayne. Bruce will send a photo of her which he found on Lex Luthor’s hard drive. Aside from the photo, he also sends an invitation to Diana for her to join the Justice League. The photo will bring a flood of memories to Diana. She will be brought back to the past where she recalled meeting Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) which took place in World War I.

Although Batman’s cameo is only a rumor, it is not far from reality. It will be a perfect way to tie Wonder Woman’s storyline to Batman v Superman and then to Justice League. If Batman’s cameo is true, it will surely be a treat to the moviegoers. Moreover, it will also mean that aside from Wonder Woman, Batman will have an appearance on the movie screen before the Justice League hits the cinemas.

Wonder Woman‘s test screening was met with positive reviews

The test screening for the Wonder Woman was met with a lot of positive reviews. Jay Oliva who directed a majority of the animated Warner Bros. Movies believes that the film will be great. Oliva stated that he worked with patty Jenkins on the film and believes that it will be great. He also stated that it will be fun for him, especially due to the couple sequences he made.

Oliva said he hopes that the film will do well enough that people would want to see an animated Wonder Woman movie as well. Film producer Deborah Snyder mentioned that Wonder Woman is a unique offering from DC. She believes that fans will the film.

Source: Flickering Myth

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