Woman Poses as Impostor CIA Agent to Become Niece’s Foster Parent

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Woman Poses as Impostor CIA Agent to Become Niece’s Foster Parent PHOTOGRAPH: Fry1989 | Under Public Domain

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has filed a criminal complaint against a woman from Southgate. The suspect was charged for allegedly posing as a CIA agent. According to reports, she was trying to become her niece’s foster parent.

Impostor CIA Agent: Suzanne Nicole Bucki’s Crime

According to the complaint, Suzanne Nicole Bucki in January provided certain documents to the Guiding Harbor Foster Care in Belleville. The documents stated that she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. Reports stated that the papers contained earning statements as well as a CIA badge and a CIA emblem. Furthermore, the documents had a photo ID of the Southgate resident’s Concealed Pistol License, as per the complaint.

WXYZ reported that Bucki was also accused of submitting a form of verification allegedly signed by the director of the CIA, John O’Brennan. When the form reached the CIA in late January, the agency stated it was unable to process the request. This was because it has no record of Bucki in its database.

The niece was living under Bucki’s care. During that time, the police was sent to their home for interrogation. At this point, Bucki again told the cops that she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. According to officials, the woman soon confessed that she conjured the story to gain custody of her niece. Police also discovered a marijuana plantation in the house, according to court papers.

As it turned out, Rachel, her sister and the mother of the child, lived at Bucki’s given address. “I had no idea. My mother had no idea,” she stated.

Impostor CIA Agent: Police’s Version

According to police reports, Bucki had been telling foster home officials that she was an employee at the CIA. She also stated that she was a member of the Russian ballet group and that she spoke 26 languages. Furthermore, Bucki mentioned that she made $46,000 every month.

“I do know she has a high IQ. She’s very intelligent,” Belleville Police Chief Hal Berriman stated. “I’ve had numerous conversations with her and she has always been very articulate.” The chief of police added that his department went to investigate the case a week after Bucki was given custody of the girl, according to FOX 2 Detroit.

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