Windows 10 Creators Update to Bring Microsoft Edge Improvements, Blue Light Reduction Features

Windows 10 Creators Update to Bring Microsoft Edge Improvements, Blue Light Reduction Features Microsoft from Mike Mozart/ Flickr with CC BY 2.0

The latest Windows 10 Creators Update has users around the world antsy with anticipation. Technology is always changing as there are constant upgrades needed. These upgrades are necessary for fine tuning, smoother performances, and the likes. While it is not a complete necessity, it is still better to be updated than left behind.

New Features Added

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update, which focuses on a new build, to testers. A lot of improvements such as the new tab preview bar in Microsoft Edge have been added. The latter allows users to save and restore a set of tabs.

According to The Verge, there is now a blue light reduction feature reportedly similar to F.lux, an application that filters blue light on monitors. The Windows version will follow the same system using local sunrise and sunset schedules to reduce blue light.

Another key feature involves simplifying display options for seamless resolution switching. The desktop apps will now have the ability to override DPI settings.

Finally, the latest test build will start blocking Flash. Microsoft Edge will, by default, block untrusted Flash content. Windows 10 users will have to manually run it.

The Microsoft Blog also noted that Microsoft Edge has preview support for new Payment Request API. This makes it easier to do online shopping by cutting checkout time in half. The Microsoft Wallet feature already has the user’s preference saved.

Change To User Interface

The update does not offer huge changes to the Windows 10 UI. Apart from the features added, there were some tweaks in the latest preview. Tiled folders are now available in the Start Menu, allowing Windows 10 users to classify their files in folders. There is even a new screenshot feature that allows users to capture a certain region of the screen.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will reportedly be on its finalization stage by the end of the month. The software company is planning to release the updated version in April, with a second update planned for later this year.


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