Watch: Two Aliens Haunting Dreams in Sci-fi Short Film by YouTube Channel

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Watch: Two Aliens Haunting Dreams in Sci-fi Short Film by YouTube Channel PHOTOGRAPH: Guardians/Flickr | Alien Intruder, Interdimensional ,

Alien sci-fi movies have lately been gaining more importance in our society. Upcoming movies like Alien: Covenant and Captive State continue to walk the same steps in exploring the concept of extraterrestrial in our universe. As Hollywood grows in its approach to alien abduction movies, amateur filmmakers have started to produce sci-fi short movies.

Recently, Daily Disruption came across a short movie by YouTube channel The CGBros. The channel uploaded a short sci-fi film entitled “Open Your Eyes.”

The synopsis says that the film centers upon a “Young man that has a strange dream for several nights in a row.” Troubled by these mysterious nightmares, he continues his attempt to wake up from the dream. Unfortunately, “he is unable to do it.” But he is finally able to open his eyes on “this night.”

Mysterious Alien Sci-Fi Short Film

“Open Your Eyes,” the short sci-fi film, was directed by Andris Dadzitis. Moreover, the director of photography, producer, and screenplay writer was also Dadzitis. The short film has a chilling yet interesting soundtrack. The description says that “the music in this film was made by me [Andris Dadzitis] specially for this film using my synth and PC. I have no titles for the tracks.” Fans can check out the video below.

The CGBros are quite famous on YouTube with more than one million subscribers. The channel has uploaded popular “CGI animated shorts” as well. Fans can check it out here.

Short Film Receives Acclaimed Responses From Fans

(Warning: Spoilers for “Open Your Eyes”) The short film succeeds at gripping the audience with mystery for the entire 5:37 minutes. While the plot is appealing to viewers, it looks like the CGI used in the short film received mixed responses.

In the ending, fans can see the see young man attempting to break free from his levitation by two aliens. The extraterrestrial designed for the scene looks cliché, and some of the audience were also disappointed by the CGI. However, so far, the short film has received a rather more positive response through the likes.

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