This is how BBC Announced Queen Mother’s Death in 2002

This is how BBC Announced Queen Mother’s Death in 2002 HM The Queen formally launched the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs at Chatham House from Chatham House/ Flickr with CC BY 2.0

One of the most devastating things to experience is to see history write itself with the death of a legendary figure such as Queen Elizabeth. There are many legends that graced the Earth and contributed to different fields. The entertainment, science, and business industries have their own superstars. However, there is one figure many know by her title alone.

No one hopes that members of the royal family pass on to the next life. They have been such a big part of British history, it would be hard to see them pass away.

Queen Elizabeth is one of the longest reigning monarchial figures in history since she began wearing the crown. When people think of British monarchy, or a symbol of it, the first person that comes to mind is the Queen.

If by chance she does pass away, there is no doubt it will bring about waves of public mourning and hysteria to Great Britain. This is because many have only ever known life with the Queen.

A Time Of Mourning

Apart from the grief that will subsequently follow, the first to announce the news would be all the major television networks. In fact, according to Business Insider, when Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother died in 2002, BBC channels stopped programming to show the BBC1 feed of the announcement.

It is reported that BBC anchors actively practice a monarch’s passing so they won’t be caught unaware. They even have black suits and ties ready at all times just in case such an incident happens. Some presenters even run drills where they are required to make spoof announcements. They are never broadcasted.

A clip of the Queen Mother’s passing shows how quick BBC would respond to the announcement. They cut the shows in mid-air, which not many would do, in order to relay the news.

Illness and Services

Although the present Queen is still up and about, many are concerned about her health. According to Reuters UK, the Queen made her first public appearance on Sunday after acquiring a heavy cold. At her age, a cold can take a toll on her system and may have side effects.

She wasn’t even able to attend Christmas Day service for the first time in decades, which disappointed the crowd that anticipated her. With news regarding her health, many are realizing that the Queen may not be around for long.

She may have had a long reign, with more than six decades on the throne, but her old age has started to limit her duties. In fact, she has started to delegate duties to her son, grandson, and other relatives to reduce her workload.

Hopefully, Queen Elizabeth will be around longer, but when the time does come, the country is somewhat already prepared.

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