The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer and Midseason Premier Promo Are Here

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer and Midseason Premier Promo Are Here PHOTOGRAPH: The Walking Dead Official Facebook Page |

A teaser trailer and an extended promo for the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 7 has been released. The teaser titled “Fighting For A Future” showed a glimpse at the upcoming battle between the people of Alexandria vs Negan and the saviors. It shows new scenes from The Walking Dead season 7 episode 9 where Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) is having a discussion with King Eizekiel (Khary Payton) about a team-up in a fight against Negan.

Daryl Has A New Crossbow in the Upcoming Episode of the Walking Dead

Initially, the teaser showed Rosita (Christian Serratos) with a sniper rifle, prepping the gun. Daryl, (Norman Reedus) is also shown holding a new crossbow. Another scene shows Michonne (Danai Gurira) with a silencer pistol. Carol, played by Melissa McBride, is holding a shot gun too. Carol, meanwhile, is currently in the kingdom and is shown living alone in a house. Fortunately, Morgan, played by Lennie, is also in the same location.

Andrew Lincoln Talks About Next Episode

AMC has also released a mid-season premiere promo. The video showed new and old footage from earlier episodes. Main cast members shared some details about the upcoming episodes. Some hints were also dropped in the video, giving fans a glimpse at Rick and his people’s struggle. For one, Negan managed to break Rick’s and his team’s will. Previous episodes showed Rick and the others following Negan’s order. Furthermore, they also fell victim to the abuse of his men. However, it looks it has finally come to an end as the mid-season finale episode hinted an upcoming retaliation from the people in Alexandria.

The next episode of The Walking Dead (TWD) is set to air on February 12 on AMC. Fans can expect more teaser clips and photos to be shared as part of the shows promotion.

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