Waiting for End of the World 2017, Five People Died of Suffocation

Waiting for End of the World 2017, Five People Died of Suffocation PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/Afrikit | Voodoo Dance Benin Traditional Culture Drumming Under Public Domain

While waiting for what they believed is the end of the world 2017, five sect members died of asphyxiation in Benin, Africa. They were burning incense and charcoal inside a sealed room while waiting for the apocalypse. The incident took place in Adjarra town, near the capital Porto Novo.

End Of The World 2017: Asphyxiation Kills Benin Sect People

Authorities took several members to the hospital after the incident. Unfortunately, it was too late for five people. Members of the religious sect, known as Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ Baname, strongly believed that voodoo should no longer be practiced. The sect is headed by Vicentia Chanvoukini whom followers call “Lady Perfect.” Chanvoukini, after all, proclaimed herself a god. It was not clear from reports whether it was her who asked for members to burn incense and charcoal inside the room.

According to those who survived, they were asked to stay inside their prayer rooms until Sunday. They were made to believe that by doing so, it would relieve them from their accountability and be saved from the end of the word.

“With the help of old cloths, we sealed off all of the exits to the prayer room before using incandescent charcoal and incense to prepare for the descent of the Holy Spirit,” a survivor, Yves Aboua, told Reuters. The survivor was admitted at the Porto Novo hospital with respiratory problems on Sunday.

Voodoo or no voodoo

Reports stated that there had been several violent conflicts between Baname followers and members of other faiths since 2009. Eradicating voodoo practice is impossible as forty percent of people in Benin believe in it. The place, actually, has a national day called Voodoo day. In fact, a voodoo priest named Dah Aligbonon Akpochihala has been offering a short course on it since 2012.

“So long as there is Africa, there will be voodoo. As I’ve said before, we need to bring voodoo in from the dark,” he said according to an old report from The Guardian. Akpochihala is one of West Africa’s most famous black magic priests.

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