Volkswagen Reveals Personal Robot Chauffeur

Volkswagen Reveals Personal Robot Chauffeur PHOTOGRAPH: Paulbr/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Volkswagen unveiled its new driverless car concept that will act as a person’s personal robot chauffeur. The company described the robotic chauffeur as a ‘comfortable lounge on wheels.’ The concept is called Sedric, a design which VW revealed ahead of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Some critics described the concept as an angry toaster and an old school Apple iMac on wheels. VW equipped the driverless pod with a voice assistant like Siri from Apple as well as a windscreen that will serve as TV. Volkswagen believes that the bizarre-looking driver-less car will be the future of autonomous driving cars. The company plans to launch 30 vehicles in 2025. Moreover, batteries will power the driver-less vehicles.

Sedric can carry up to four passengers. Users can utilize it for ride-sharing or for individual passengers. The driver-less car has multiple functions that it could take. Sedric can take the children to school then drive the parents to their office. Most noteworthy, the autonomous car can independently look for its own parking space and even collect shopping items. The car firm sees Sedric as the ‘father’ of numerous concepts for individual mobility.

VW Chief Executive Matthias Mueller stated that users can simply summon Sedric with a touch of a button. It also has a voice control or smartphone app that can take its passengers to their desired destination. It would mean that there will be no need for driver’s license when using this driver-less car. Passengers can tell Sedric about their destination, driving time, how to get there and the traffic situation.

Volkswagen announced its 2025 plans in the midst of the cheating and emission scandal

The company is looking forward into the future and plans to give Sedric, its own successors as the firm develop various brands. Currently, Volkswagen is hiring top experts and specialists. The company plans to spend billions of euros to develop and produced automated driving. The company made a breakthrough with its concept since VW is the first car manufacturer that presented a concept car which they developed from scratch.

VW stated that the battery technology, autonomous driving as well as artificial intelligence will be the forefront and core competencies for the company. Sedric is a Level 5 vehicle which is capable of having a fully automated operation. It is a precursor for more models from VW in the upcoming years.

The German car manufacturer is trying to position itself at the forefront of new technologies despite its current emissions scandal. The current cheating and environmental hazard badly tarnished the company’s reputation. An MIT research and investigation revealed that the emission for VW cars could lead to premature deaths across Europe. In the United States, authorities charged some of the company’s executives. VW is accused of using a software that cheats the emission testing procedure of regulatory groups. The company revealed the 2025 plan following the scandal and criminal lawsuits.

Source: Fortune, CNBC

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