Volkswagen Emission Is Killing People Across US and Europe

Volkswagen Emission Is Killing People Across US and Europe PHOTOGRAPH: Coffee/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

MIT scientists and other experts reported that Volkswagen’s car emission has exceeded the test-stand limit value. This emission will have a significant effect on public health not only in Germany and Europe but including in the United States.

Volkswagen emission scandal could lead to 1,200 deaths

Researchers found that the Volkswagen emission could lead to 1200 premature deaths across Europe. The year 2016 highlighted the emission scandal of the company. Researchers and investigators found out that the company had been cheating and causing environmental pollution. Volkswagen has been fined with billions of dollars for cheating with its faulty cars that are out in the market.

The largest car manufacturer in Germany has encountered the biggest blunder in the history of car making. The scandal portrayed the company in the worst way possible while the company is trying to get its reputation back on track. Unfortunately, it will not be too easy after the company was caught cheating on the big carbon print which is a threat to the environment.

According to the researchers, the company’s emission caused hundred of CO2 grams emitted to the environment. Moreover, the emissions are truly poisonous for humans which will cause health problems in the near-future. The data showed that the emission came from over 11 million sold cars from 2008 to 2015. It is enough to cause over 1200 premature deaths within Europe alone.

The chemical emitted included NOx, nitric oxides, and other poisonous chemicals. Additionally, the amount the chemicals are four times higher than the allowed limit in Europe. In a bid to save their company, Volkswagen recalled all the cars and replaced the malfunction. However, the recall is so huge that it will take a long time before everything falls into place.

Volkswagen’s executives are facing up to 169 years in prison

The company has recalled all of the cars from the time period and have replaced the problematic equipment. However, the recall is so big that it will take a lot of time to make it happen. Aside from the widespread scandal in Europe, Volkswagen’s troubles have reached the United States.

Authorities arrested Volkswagen’s general manager Oliver Schmidt during his Christmas vacation in Miami last January 7. He is facing charges from conspiracy to defraud as well as violations of the Clean Air Act. The court charged Schmidt with 11 counts with a combined maximum sentence of up to 169 years in prison.

The prosecutors accused the general manager of hiding the knowledge that the cars had a software that cheats the emission tests. The cars had a software installed which could recognize that the unit is being tested for emissions and would adjust the output so that it would pass the test.

The prosecutors believed that he kept the truth and cheated the regulators which obstructed the investigation. The court indicted five other Volkswagen executives over the scandal. The government charged the executives with conspiracy, violations of the Clean Air Act, wire fraud, defraud of the U.S. and their customers.

Source: MIT News, USA Today

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