Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2017 Specs and Features: To Buy or Not to Buy, Know More Details Here


The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2017 opted to see various crossovers as an opportunity rather than an insurmountable issue. Beginning at $35,295, the Alltrack comes well-equipped with lots of functions. These functions include a rear view video camera, Park Assist, Apple CarPlay, Android Vehicle and Microsoft Mirrolink.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2017 Specifications and Features

The Alltrack is designed to be driver-centric. Everything is within easy reach of the driver. Drivers will be able to switch between the functions on the touch screen without taking their eyes off the roadway. The touch screen was exceptionally responsive to the touch.

The design of the new Alltrack is impressive. SlashGear reported that the car has a huge storage inside. A basic panoramic sunroof made the vehicle feel a bit bigger.

At the back, there was enough room for two adults to fit easily. Due to the fact that the car is an all-wheel drive system, there will never ever be enough space for hree adults in the back. The middle seat leg room is taken up by the bulge in the floor. Therefore, fitting two people with baggy clothes is an impressive feat for the car. New York Daily News commended the car’s comfort functions. The cargo area is large for a small car. The hatchback holds the travel luggage of up to four people, without impeding your visibility.

The Alltrack Can Handle all Types of Roads

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2017 utilized security functions. The car can manage all sorts of weather condition, it could keep up even during a freezing rain. The sensor for the rain-sensing wipers got confused due to the ice build-up on the windscreen. The system would either go at a high-speed or would not activate at all. Drivers can set it according to their needs.

The car’s adaptive cruise control was great. During a heavy rain, it had no issue finding the vehicle ahead and slowing the speed down without any interference. The car hid the rear-view electronic camera from view. It was safely far from road gunk and had an extremely wide angle lens with excellent low light sensitivity.

The Alltrack’s Three Drive Modes

Drivers can switch to different drive modes. With the Normal mode, the Alltrack will behave like any affordable sedan. It is good in its acceleration, but way better in its deceleration. In addition, Normal mode allows less braking.

Drivers who want more velocity, they should opt for the Sport mode. This mode will allow a quick boost in acceleration. The Sport node behaves differently from the Normal mode. When using this mode, the car could quickly accelerate. This setting is best used in highways but not advisable when cruising through traffic.

The Off Road mode made the steering heavier with a bit of resistance. This mode activates the hill-descent feature of the car. This mode is best for dirt or gravel road. It has the features of the Sports mode but with the safety of the Normal mode.

The Alltrack is great for every kind of road condition. In addition, the different driving modes allow drivers to adjust the car’s functions depending on the road. However, it is to be remembered that the Alltrack cannot fit a large number of passengers. For buyers who are contemplating whether to buy it or not, they must first take a look at their needs.

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