Viral Demon Sighting Photo Sparks Religious Debate

Viral Demon Sighting Photo Sparks Religious Debate PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay | Devil Satan 3d Paint Demon Hell Lucifer Dark

Recently, an image was posted on Facebook showing a winged creature that looks like a demon. The image has since spread online.

Viral Demon Photo: Photo Ignites Religious Debate

As the photo of the alleged demonic creature went viral, religious arguments started. The eerie photograph was posted on Facebook by Richard Christianson from Arizona. The image has ignited fears of an apocalypse.

The image shows a shadowy figure “the size of a house,” with big wings and spokes on its head, according to Express UK. According to social media users, the beast can be be an evil spirit. However, others are not convinced. Few are saying that the hazy photo must have been a palm tree.

Christianson captioned the photo: “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody.”

A social media user posted that people are now living in evil times. The user wondered if it was actually a demonic creature instigating evil deeds among people. “Whether you want to believe it or not, these are the END TIMES,” the user said.

FOX News reported that the photo has been shared 80,000 times. An apparent social media holy war has started. Users are debating if they are seeing a devil or an angel.

Most users are asking about the exact location where the photo was taken. Some said that a man was crouched at the feet of the demon.

Viral Demon Photo: Other Analyses

Other than the demonic interpretation of the photo, there are other opinions. Some internet sleuths looked into Christianson’s Facebook account. While checking, they found that the man was a stagehand. They immediately deduced that the figure in the image was nothing but a prop, as per KTAR.

However, the uncanny interpretation might not have stopped with the devil. It could be the figure of the urban legend Mothman. Although the urban legend was based in West Virginia, it is still being considered by several people.

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