Vine Successor: What to Know About Vine Camera

Vine Successor: What to Know About Vine Camera Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Twitter officially shut down Vine, its six-second video sharing service on January 17. Despite shutting down the famous app, Twitter kept it alive in another app. Twitter transformed Vine into a similar app called Vine Camera.

The Vine Camera app will allow users to create the six-second loop of videos. Instead of uploading it on Vine, users can immediately upload it on Twitter or save it on a camera roll. The camera roll feature is like a gallery where users can store their six-second videos. The new app will include some Vine’s former creation tools. The Vine Camera will have features like multi-clip trimming, AF focus, grid overlay, draft support, flash, front-facing camera and ghost tool.

Twitter stated that with the new app, users can edit their videos to create a perfect loop. Also, all videos uploaded to Twitter under six seconds will loop automatically. While creating the video, users can save their drafts as well. Twitter was able to keep some of the app’s important features but obliterated some of Vine’s in-depth features. The company removed the Snap-To-Beat, Soundboard and Featured Track from Vine Camera.

According to TechCrunch, users can still open the old Vine app. They can still view their old feed and profile. Those who want to save their videos can do so. However, if users refuse to update the app to Vine Camera, the app will lose all its functionality. Users can still watch their vines on

Some people were excited with the new app, but others were not enthusiastic. Phone Arena reported that the app got 1-star reviews during its launch. Disappointed users stated that even if Twitter tried to revive the app, there is still a huge difference. Former Vine users stated that the Vine Camera is a simple camera app, while Vine is a social media app. Despite the backlash, the company is hopeful for the future of the new app. As of late, Vine Camera has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Twitter did not explain why they closed Vine. Some people speculated that the company might be experiencing a hard time. Perhaps, Twitter saw the potential of Vine and integrated it on their platform instead of letting it remain as a standalone app.

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