Video: Snake With Emoji Skin Is World’s First


A selective python breeder created the world’s first ‘Emoji Snake’ called the Emoji Ball Python or Dreamsicle after almost a decade of hard work. Justin Kobylka created a new breed of python that seemingly has an emoji skin. He worked on the project for over eight years and was successful with the recent results.

Kobylka is a Youtuber and a python breeder. He breeds snakes with unique patterns then sells them online or at his store in Toccoa, Georgia. His pythons are often bought for large amounts of money. As a selective breeder, he takes common reptile species and creates specimens with striking physical features. Kobylka had been successful in creating visually unique snakes over the years. However, the Emoji Ball Python is the most impressive one. It is a Lavender Albino Piebald Ball Python that has three orange smiley emojis on the skin.

Kobylka shared a short clip on Youtube with the Ball Python. The python had three faces on its scales which closely resembles emoji faces, including the color. He claimed that Piebalds have skins with patterns on it. Still, the perfect faces on his Dreamsicle are truly rare. Kobylka stated, “Piebalds sometimes have faced in the pattern like this, to see perfect faces in a Dreamsicle is astronomically rare.”

One of the three faces on the snake seems to resemble a smiling emoji. However, the face is not perfectly round. The third, smaller face near the head of the snake looked like a neutral face emoji.

The Emoji Snake can be a ‘great pet’

The video of his latest mutation has gone viral due to its unique look. The unique look of the snake captured the attention of social media users. Additionally, ball pythons can be considered as ‘nice’ snakes. This kind of pythons has ‘non-aggressive personalities.’

Kobylka worked on breeding snakes until he managed to create an emoji snake with the use of gene mutations. The snake breeder stated that recessive mutations caused the unique patterns on the Dreamsicle. Recessive mutations can occur naturally in the wild. However, recessive mutations in the wild are too rare to take place.

The Piebald Ball Pythons or Dreamsicles are the smallest African python. For this reason, the Dreamsicles are the most popular choice for snake lovers who wants to have a pet snake. A standard Dreamsicle cost from $40 to $150. Nonetheless, the emoji snake’s uniqueness can easily fetch a price of $4,500. Regrettably, Kobylka has no plans to sell the emoji snake because of its uniqueness.

Source: J.Kobylka Reptiles, Business Insider

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