US Retaliates Against North Korea Missile Threat

US Retaliates Against North Korea Missile Threat Peacekeeper-missile-testing – David James Paquin (attributed) The original uploader was Solipsist at English Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

U.S. Defense officials informed that the nation has deployed the sea-based X-band radar (SB-X) to watch out for a potential North Korean missile threat. The radar is able to detect long-range missile launches and serve critical data at the same time.

North Korea: US Deploys Radar

This is reportedly the first U.S. response against North Korea’s nuclear threats in the military context. The aforementioned radar transits the waters of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Usually, the SB-X is sent north of Hawaii and positioned about halfway to Alaska, Guam or the West Coast of the U.S.

There is additional surveillance opportunities used to observe activity on the Korean Peninsula. However, officials refused to discuss the current state, as per CNN.

“If the missile’s threatening, it will be intercepted. If it’s not threatening, we won’t necessarily do so,” said Defense Secretary Ash Carter. “It may be more to our advantage to, first of all, save our interceptor inventory, and, second, to gather intelligence from the flight rather than do that (shoot it down) when it’s not threatening.”

The U.S.’ ability to collect all forms of missile data could prove successful, since the SB-X radar is expected to help in such. According to Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s ICBM is set to be tested. In contrast, the U.S. still denies that the North has actually acquired manufacturing knowledge for such a missile. The U.S. believes that North Korea has not yet understood the technology, and that the missile would never re-enter the atmosphere.

North Korea: Donald Trump Supports South Korean Policy

As the election in South Korea nears, U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is reportedly supporting Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung, a contender in the race. Dubbed the Korean Bernie Sanders, Lee became famous in South Korea by rallying against economic inequality and corporate privilege.

Donald Trump and Washington are involved in Lee’s perspective on security issues, though. Lee recently spoke against the U.S.-ROK ties, believing that the relationship has somewhat disintegrated into a subordinate one, as reported by Forbes. “…where we give whatever amounts of money they ask us to give,” Lee recently said.

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