Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram, Astrophysicists Conclude

Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram, Astrophysicists Conclude PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/gagneet parmar | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Astrophysicists might be getting ready to turn The Big Bang Theory on its head by their latest breakthrough discovery — the universe is a hologram. The study that yielded extraordinary result was conducted by University of Waterloo, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Southampton (UK), INFN, Lecce (Italy) and the University of Salento (Italy). The study could change people’s perception on gravity and inflation.

Quantum Gravity and Quantum Mechanics

Surprisingly, the theory that the universe could be a giant hologram is a not a novel one. It was first pitched back in 1990s. A 2D holographic model was drawn up to explain the conclusion reached by the scientists. The study can prove that Einstein’s theory of quantum gravity and quantum mechanics actually go hand in hand.

“The key to understanding quantum gravity is understanding field theory in one lower dimension,” said Afshordi, reported University of Waterloo. “Holography is like a Rosetta Stone, translating between known theories of quantum fields without gravity and the uncharted territory of quantum gravity itself.” The holographic model will enable the scientists to understand the relation between quantum gravity and the Big Bang Theory. They are certain that the information they will gather will be as comprehensive as the Big Bang itself.

Explaining The Universe As A Hologram

Professor Kostas Skenderis of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton has explained the latest observation. According to him, the universe is the same as the holographic code on credit cards. As such, everything we see, hear or feel emanates from a two-dimensional field. But they are actually three-dimensional in nature. Hence, he surmised in the end that “the entire universe is encoded.”

Also, the only difference between a universe and a 3D film is that in the former, one can physically touch the projections. Telescopes, which detected “white noise” or microwaves, are the same equipment that were used to conduct the study. The networks of features in the data and quantum field theory were compared against each other. This led the scientists to conclude that the result can explain every cosmological phenomenon that occurred during the conception of the universe, Phys reported.

The scientists are hopeful that their recent discovery can explain the Big Bang Theory in a more detailed manner. Also, by bringing together the theory of gravity and quantum theory, the creation of time and space will finally be explained. However, they still have to test and update their data. Within the next five years they hope to reach a point that enhances the theoretical understanding of the universe.

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