This Ultra-Secretive Club for Tech Billionaires Has Covert Doors and Cryptic Games for Guests

This Ultra-Secretive Club for Tech Billionaires Has Covert Doors and Cryptic Games for Guests PHOTOGRAPH: Holiho/Pixabay under Creative Commons |

The Battery, a members-only social club in San Francisco remains mysterious for most of the people who cannot afford its reported $2,400 membership fee annually. The club’s secrecy has also been protected because members, who are big-wigs billionaires in the tech industry, were also banned and refrained from posting club photos on their Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

To keep the world from seeing what hides inside the club’s wall, The Battery reinforces what it calls the “electronic curfew” where members are compelled to keep their phones away when the clock strikes 6:00 p.m. The most restrictive policy of all is that in order to join The Battery, non-members should strictly be nominated by a current member. A nomination, however, does not warrant an instant membership. The invited person needs to fill out an application and wait for The Battery’s approval. Such approval only becomes official when the person received a “secret kit.”

According to Business Insider, The Battery has a bar, the House Bar, with a secret room found behind a bookcase. Its door can only be opened when a particular statue is touched. Once touched, the bookcase flips and opens to another motorized door where there is another room filled with acoustic instruments. The House Bar also has a collection of animal heads hanging on the walls. One of the club’s bathrooms, meanwhile, has seven doors which reportedly represent the seven deadly sins.

The Battery has opened its doors in November of 2014, The New York Times has reported at the time. The report noted that the place welcomed guests with a game called “Describe Your Superpower.” They were required to poetically describe their work or profession among each other.

At present, it seems that The Battery features highly intellectual conversations for some of their events. Some of these conversations were “Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies Will Change Our World” and “Fashion x Social Justice” which is a conversation about who makes our clothes, why she matters and how we can lift a generation of women out of poverty.

The Battery has been founded by husband and wife Michael and Xochi Birch. The couple has been known in the tech industry as they have co-founded various start-ups. Among these start-ups are the,, and the online social networking website Bebo. The latter has reached more than 45 million registered users and has been the sixth most popular site in the U.K. at the time. It has become bigger than AOL, Amazon and BBC.

When speaking about why they build The Battery, Michael has this to say:

“San Francisco is a small city, yet it seems somehow big and divided socially. We thought a London-style private club would be an interesting way to break down some of those divides.”