Alien News: Ufologist Captures Aliens Stalking on Camera

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Alien News: Ufologist Captures Aliens Stalking on Camera PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay | Under Public Domain

John Mooner, a Ufologist, was sitting in his garden when he claimed to have seen a UFO above Newton Abbot, near Torquay. He took a video of the mysterious flying object. However, while he was recording the footage, he noticed that the purported alien was seemingly stalking him.

Ufologist Believed He Has Photo Evidence of Aliens

Mooner said that the incident took place in the early hours of the morning when it was completely dark. He was sitting outside and watching the sky. Mooner added that the ambiance was cold and quiet.

“Then, all of a sudden, I noticed some moving lights way off in the distance that were high up in the sky,” Mooner said. “The lights were blinking on and off and I quickly took some photographs and managed to capture these mysterious lights blinking,” he added. Mooner shared that he was very excited during that moment, the Daily Star reported. He started zooming in on the lights to get a better view. He was trying to understand what the lights could be.

He clearly remembered the moment he zoomed in because he finally recognized that the lights were on a structured craft. He then saw three extraterrestrials inside the spacecraft. He also said that the first alien sat above the middle light and was looking down. It seemed like the alien was working on some type of a control, Mooner said.

Mooner added that the alien to the left was looking in the direction of the first alien. Furthermore, he stated that the alien to the right was looking down at the town below. “I was left amazed by what I had just seen. I had managed to take some photographs of the alien craft,” Mooner said.

Mooner Reported Alien Abduction

Mooner had previously claimed that he was abducted by aliens. According to Mooner, a grey alien was caught in a set of photos capturing him on a street in Torquay, Devon. He said that the photos also showed him fighting the alien as he was trying to punch the mysterious creature.

A separate report from Daily Star stated that the Ufologist came across an amazing evidence of his encounter. This was discovered when Mooner tried to view an area of a UFO sighting using Google satellite maps. He saw himself getting abducted by a grey alien. “The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all,” Mooner stated. “I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years,”he said.

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