UFO Watches While People Party For New Year’s Eve

UFO Sightings
UFO Watches While People Party For New Year’s Eve Pixabay

During a New Year house party in Houston, Texas, party goers felt extremely scared after allegedly spotting a UFO.

UFO: Houston Incident

The unidentified object was seen hovering over houses. Two videos of the object were uploaded online. The videos have since gone viral, gathering more than half a million views. Social media users are in a frenzy because of the clips.

As seen on the video clips, the object was lighting up the sky. Furthermore, the people watching are in shock.

The camera zooms in on the object as it slowly moves in the air. At that moment, one of the party goers can be heard, saying they were all going to die.

Afterwards, another woman asks, “What is it?”

Another man expresses shock, saying he had always wanted to see an unidentified flying object.

Crystal Melendez recorded the video. She posted the clips on Facebook.

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The caption of the video said, “When you are celebrating the New Year and see that Aliens are watching lmao. #aliens #houston.”

“Whether these are drones, lanterns, or aliens. I had a b***ss night and got a good laugh with some friends.”

UFO: People’s Reactions

As of now, there are more than 500,000 people who have watched the clips. Furthermore, they also shared comments.

Mark Cisneros wrote on Facebook that he has seen such objects over south Houston multiple times.

Another woman, Maria Odom, wrote that she is totally amazed. In addition, she stated that she has seen the object twice as of now. Odom noted that the object appears in the shape of a triangle. According to her, the party goers were lucky, as reported by the Daily Mail.

However, there are skeptics all over social media disregarding the entire thing. They have been denying the theory that aliens have also celebrated the new year.

In fact, a woman wrote online that the lights came from a comet. Others also said that the light was actually fire lanterns in the sky.

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