UFO Sightings 2016: Glowing Alien Spacecraft Seen Over Slovakian Mountain

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UFO Sightings 2016: Glowing Alien Spacecraft Seen Over Slovakian Mountain Pixabay

UFO sightings have been fairly common. And with the latest visual recording technology they are being shared with the world at large. One of the latest UFO sightings was atop a mountain in Slovakia.

The government may insist against it. Scientists might try to disapprove it, but nothing has been able to dampen people’s curiosity about the outer space. Even though we have no way of knowing for sure, we have always been skeptical to believe that aliens do not exist.

UFO Sighting In Slovakia

Call it the influence of mainstream entertainment or the circulating conspiracy theories. Every time we see an out-of-the-place bright light shining somewhere in the sky or a weirdly shaped shadow forming on the ground, our minds jump to the possibility of an alien spacecraft hovering.

One such instance was reported by UFO Sightings Daily recently. A diamond-shaped bright spot of light appeared on top of the Slovakian Mountain.

As the camera kept on recording the unidentified source of light, it started to change color. It turned green first and then purple.

On zooming, its shape also seems to be changed from the traditional Saturn shaped to a round orb and back again. It is not clear if the changing color patterns have anything to with the camera lens.

Other UFO Sightings, One Emitting Smoke

However, the unexplained phenomenon is not the only one of its kind. The blogger also included another alien spacecraft sighting in Taiwan back in 2013.

He also notes that most of the UFO sightings have been noticed over mountains and volcanoes for some reason. If it’s a bright light, it appears out of nowhere and disappears after 15 minutes or so, just as abruptly.

In another instance a UFO was spotted flying near Huntington Beach, California, USA, reports UFO Sightings Daily. It was seen during daytime and appeared to be emitted brightly colored green smoke behind it as it headed south west. It was not determined whether the smoke contained radioactive particles.