UFO Sightings Reported in Australia and Algeria

UFO Sightings
UFO Sightings Reported in Australia and Algeria PHOTOGRAPH: Comfreak/Pixabay | Ufo Aliens Landscape Evening Afterglow Sunset

While Toowoomba is far away from Southern Lights, a man woke up to a blasting orange light on Tuesday. The man was utterly confused with what he experienced. The city is known for its spookiness and the man believed he saw a UFO.

UFO  Sighting In Australia

The Torrington man was not disregarding the idea that the entire incident had something to do with another form of life. He confessed that he had used his camera flash, which distorted the original sight. However, he said it was a very strong color.

“I woke up to it and didn’t know what it was, I thought ‘man alive what’s that?” he said. “I had no shoes  on and it was a bit wet so I got my shoes and went out.” He said that he was looking north towards Crows Nest and found that the light was the same height all around the place. “I looked west and south and it was there stretching around the horizon,” he said.

According to Ipswich Advertiser, the man said that he was trying to record it on video, but the flash was on. He said that he was unable to turn the flash off so the video was not recorded. Finally, he took the photo, but during that time the light was going down.

The man stated that the light gradually grew dimmer. The man said that it looked like the sun was just going down. He stated that the light was three times brighter than what was their in the photo. “Look, I’m a believer (in UFOs) but it was probably too big to be a UFO, maybe something just as foreign. It was odd – it wasn’t a normal midnight sky,” the man said.

UFO Sighting in Algeria

An incredible footage have been released, showing a phenomenon that looks like the waterspout. Eyewitnesses spotted something floating in the sky near the waterspout. UFO experts have been analyzing the footage.

The weird clip was recorded on mobile phone. The waterspout can be seen coming out of the water of the coast off Algeria. The strangest thing that caught the eyes of the experts was the craft which is seen into a cloud, prior to the waterspout.

Mirror UK reported that an extraterrestrial expert said few witnesses saw the thing and believed that it looked like an unidentified flying object. “Some of the witnesses that saw this thing, say what to them looked like a UFO had flown up into the clouds, shortly after which we see this waterspout like formation, or what amounts to water being sucked up put of the Mediterranean ocean off the coast of Algeria,” said Tyler from Secure Team.

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