UFO Sightings: Mysterious Flying Objects Seem To Be Visiting More Frequently This December

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UFO Sightings: Mysterious Flying Objects Seem To Be Visiting More Frequently This December UFO by Jonas Bengtsson / Flickr – CC BY 2.0

There seems to be something special on Earth in December that UFO visits had increased this time of the year.

According to an article from Express, there have multiple UFO sightings. Citing data from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), in December alone, at least 15 reports of triangle UFO sightings have been lodged across the country.

Triangle UFO Sightings

Throughout the year, the number of similar reports usually reaches to hundreds and it’s continuously increasing. Data from the UFO investigation group showed an upward trend on the number of reported alien spaceship sightings each year.

It was noted that reports of triangle UFO are scattered across the country. Triangle UFO are types of unidentified flying object with triangular shaped defined by its lights.

Some conspiracists believe that these triangle UFOs are spaceships used by aliens as they visit the Earth. There are, however, different explanations that aimed to rationalize these occurrences.

Uptick In Alien Sightings

On September 21, the website UFO Signhtings Daily published an article about a triangle UFO sightings over the sky in West Virginia. Scott Waring claimed that the UFO appeared to be TR3B type aircraft, which looked like unmanned.

The report reasoned that it looked exactly like a TR3B type aircraft from the looks of its light. It added that when the aircraft is powered on, it usually shows a central orb lights up the brightest.

“If this is a TR3B, then it has a higher chance of being a new pilot from the USAF learning to handle the alien tech craft at night so the public doesn’t see it flying about, but since it lights up like a Christmas tree at night…that is actually a foolish assumption,” the report noted.

Previous reports suggest that the frequency of UFO sightings has increased over the past years. But skeptics argue that it could only indicate that the number of people who have grown interested in anything about aliens has just increased.