UFO Sighting Map Shows Top Places in Texas Where Aliens Flocked

UFO Sightings
UFO Sighting Map Shows Top Places in Texas Where Aliens Flocked PHOTOGRAPH: Richard/Flickr | UFO

UFO spotters have been given another place where they can report their sightings. Furthermore, they can now report the sighting based on place, time and the type of vessel seen.

UFO Sighting Map: Spotters’ Reports

A website has taken the initiative to bring together alien enthusiasts. The platform aims to give an opportunity for witnesses to report their observations. These sightings are then displayed on an interactive map utilizing the interface of Google Maps.

In the map are well-known hotspots throughout Houston’s metropolitan area, according to Chron. The area showing the most number of sightings lie in Katy near the Grand Parkway. Areas like downtown Houston, Sugar Land area and Willowbrook area are also on the map. There are two more areas that include Humble (near Bush Airport) and Pasadena.

Website UFO Stalker also details the day the event took place, the location, a gist of the sighting and the object seen. There are categories to select, which include “alien encounter,” “black triangle sighting” and “UFO sighting.”

The Unidentified Flying Object sightings are most usual in the Houston area. However, there are multiple black triangle sightings as well.

UFO Sighting Map: Top Places In Texas

Charles Stansburge, Texas MUFON Section 6 director, is also a UFO field investigator. “There are a lot of sightings in and around the Houston area,” Stansburge stated. “And there are some along the I-10 Corridor, but there are a lot that aren’t reported.”

Stansburge, who lives in Rosenberg, said that while reports are made on two or three sightings, a good deal has been entirely skipped. He added that these unidentified flying objects can be deceptive. This is because they are not as they appear to be, according to ABC.

Currently, MUFON Texas has been getting reports of at least 53 or 54 sightings per month. If everyone reported sightings, the numbers would reportedly rise to a thousand.

Stansburge said that major sightings took place at dark, without any light specters or city lights. “But sightings could be anywhere,” he said.

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