UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Objects Spotted In New York And England

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UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Objects Spotted In New York And England ufoMarc Brüneke/ Flickr cc

It is the season for more UFO news and sightings. Conspiracy theorists are now buzzing over two new unexplained occurrences from New York and Devon.

UFO Sighting In Brooklyn

The first sighting happened in Brooklyn. Tourists were busy snapping pictures of the borough’s clear blue skyline when a hovering figure appeared in plain sight.

An unnamed witness managed to take three pictures of the sparkling phenomenon. The object looked like it came straight from a typical Sci-Fi movie. It resembled a flying saucer with six circular lights on its bottom end.

“I saw the light after the fact when I was looking at my photos,” the witness said in a UFO news from Express. “If anyone has the knowledge to judge if this is a reflection, I would welcome that.”

The pictures were then taken to UFO expert Scott Brando for closer examination. Brando believes the images were not edited in any way. He offered a simple explanation on what the UFO might be.

According to Brando, the flying saucer effect can be produced with a spotlight aimed directly at the sky. Certain factors can make the effect more or less authentic.

The Brooklyn UFO sighting could simply be a reflection of a spotlight with six smaller bulbs. The fact that the UFO was only noticed after the actual incident adds more weight to the reflection theory.

UFO Sighting In England

Meanwhile, the second sighting happen in Devon, England. John Mooner, a professional UFO chaser, claimed he had photographed a black UFO landing in a field in Dawlish Warren.

Mooner initially though the black lump was just a helicopter. He started taking pictures when he realized it was moving in a strange manner. He theorized that aliens landed in Dawlish Warren to abduct unsuspecting farm animals for genetic experimentation.

UFO Investigations Manual author Nigel Watson is not convinced. He said the size of the UFO could not be properly determined. It might just be a drone or an unmanned model airplane.

“At the distance the object was photographed it is hard to guess its size,” said Watson, via Express UFO news. “Surely by now the aliens have collected enough genetic material from our planet to create an army of hybrids.”

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