UFO News: International Space Station Astronauts Reportedly Hiding Alien Objects

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UFO News: International Space Station Astronauts Reportedly Hiding Alien Objects PHOTOGRAPH: Wiki Images/Pixabay | Iss Space Station International Space Station Dock

International Space Station astronauts are reportedly hiding evidence of UFO’s. The claim was made by alien enthusiasts after a video emerged online. Furthermore, the video was apparently filmed from the ISS.

UFO News: ISS Astronauts Hiding Alien Objects

The footage was uploaded by UFO experts Secure 10. In the video, an astronaut can be seen filming the view from outer space. Planet Earth can be seen in the clip.

However, seconds into the video, mysterious moving, glowing lights are viewed in the distance. During that moment, the astronaut is seen covering the camera. He puts his hand in front of the lens then pans away to cover the lights. A similar event takes place when a strange cartwheeling light form speeds across Earth. Right at that moment, the white-suited hand covers the camera to block the view.

After the extraordinary video emerged, conspiracy theorists began claiming about a cover-up. According to them, we are not alone in the universe. Furthermore, the government is allegedly covering up the truth, as reported by Mirror UK.

The video is claimed to show alien objects flying in different shapes. Furthermore, the video is said to document the return of one of the most infamous unidentified flying objects known as the Boomerang. Now, it may have actually convinced UFO hunters and skeptics about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

This group of people are claiming that the video exposes a government secret, as reported by The Sun. “These are some incredible clips, I’ve never seen any of them,” a comment on the video said. “How could anyone possibly debunk these?”

UFO News: Claims By Astronauts

There have been situations where astronauts themselves opened up about witnessing alien vessels. Conspiracy theorists have said there were astronauts who have blown the whistle against government cover-ups. However, others have stayed tight-lipped.

The late Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon, opened up about alien existence. He claimed there were evidences of alien races. In addition, he claimed they were in contact with the U.S. Government.

However, former NASA-astronaut Tom Jones is not convinced by such statement. He is a veteran of four space shuttle missions over 11 years, as per Express UK. He said that astronauts have never found evidence of alien life or flying objects. In fact, the unidentified flying objects have turned out to be “ice crystals, drifting orbital debris, lightning flashes, or meteors,” he said.

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