UFO News: Alien Hunters Spot Mysterious Spacecraft In Apollo 17 Mission Photos

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UFO News: Alien Hunters Spot Mysterious Spacecraft In Apollo 17 Mission Photos UFO by Jonas Bengtsson / Flickr – CC BY 2.0

The speculated UFO sightings 2016 put all the alien-junkies on a high, thirsty for more UFO news or conspiracies. Although people have different beliefs when it comes to extraterrestrial talks, it couldn’t be denied how it gathers massive public attention.

The planet humans live in is just one of the many more worlds that lie in the galaxy. How many more species or other creature that live outside earth (if there’s any), nobody really knows, at least just yet.

Just recently, the Internet was bombarded with new theories, along with photos, suggesting a UFO sighting during the Apollo 17 mission. In a bid to prove aliens exist out there, the creatures’ junkies battle to validate every photo they dig in from everywhere.

This time, though, thousands of photos that were taken from NASA’s collection of the Moon Landings have emerged. Express UK reports that researchers now claim they have uncovered three separate images of UFOs close to the lunar surface.

The massive public discussion came days after NASA posted its archive online. The American space agency uploaded more than 8,000 images of its projects in Flickr, an online photo-sharing website.

Those photos offer a clearer leap back to the time Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon. It has been dubbed as the first ever human steps on the moon. On the other hand, it has given the Alien-junkies a new opportunity to invade the space and gather evidence that might prove a UFO presence.

UFO News & Sightings In 2016

A site called UFO Sightings Daily has suggested that what the public found in the photo are pictures of aliens observing the human life.

“Seeing the triangular-shaped UFO on the moon means that it surely isn’t a secret military technology…leaving only one possible conclusion.

“NASA’s Apollo mission astronauts were never alone in space nor on the Moon.” Scott C Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily said: “It’s really mind blowing.”

Do you think what the online alien- savvies found are UFO sightings during the Apollo 17 mission? Comment below!