UFO News 2017: Mysterious Object Spotted In Manchester, England

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UFO News 2017: Mysterious Object Spotted In Manchester, England PHOTOGRAPH: Counselling/Pixabay | Ufo Sunset Cloud Formation Clouds Mood Sky

A UFO was seen in Manchester, England in 2012. However, the sighting, a balloon-like object, was only recently reported.

UFO News 2017: Manchester Sighting

Although the object in the picture resembles a balloon, it does not have advertisements, stickers or strings. Moreover, it isn’t a one-piece regular-looking unidentified flying object. It is an unique-looking one.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the object has a semi-transparent appearance that helps it blend into any environment.

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However, alien devices of this sort normally lose the blending capacity as they come closer to the ground. The surface reportedly becomes incapable of adjusting to surrounding colors. This flaw makes it easier for anybody to see the object.

An eyewitness reported seeing a ball of multi-colored lights hovering nearly 30 to 50 feet above him. He asked his brother to stop the car they were driving in. Then he brought out his cell phone to take the photo.

However, the eyewitness said that the ball disappeared, which made both of them shocked.

While checking the photo on his phone, the witness noticed that he shot the object quite clearly.

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“I cannot explain what I had seen and when I show people they can’t understand it,” he said, as quoted by the website.

“The object can be described more detailed by saying it was a hollow ball made up of round downturned discs with vivid colours on the outside. I could see through into the hollow.”

UFO News 2017: Other Recent Sightings

In other news, a Canadian reported that he did not believe in aliens. Chad Haines was quite the skeptic, until he saw an unidentified flying object.

Haines was browsing through the photos he took in Random Island in Newfoundland, Canada. While doing that, he noticed that he had captured images of a unidentified flying object.

It seemed like the object was hovering in the moon.

“It was out there for two or three hours,” Haines told TC Media, according to Canadian publication The Packet.

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