UFO Enthusiast Claims Jesus Christ Is an Alien

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UFO Enthusiast Claims Jesus Christ Is an Alien PHOTOGRAPH: Waiting For The Word | Under CC BY 2.0

An image of Virgin Mary reportedly appeared in the sky, and a UFO enthusiasts concluded that her son Jesus Christ is an alien. The incident took place in Tonga. There are people who now believed that the event was a miracle.

Jesus Is An Alien: The Image

Joey Mataele, a local resident, claimed that he saw a weird cloud formation. The shape the cloud formed allegedly resembled Virgin Mary. The image was then illuminated by the sun when he captured a photo of the mysterious formation.

Mataele stated that the image had a proper outline of a head, body and feet. It was brightened with the golden glow, which made him believe that it was a sign from the heavens. The image was captured right above his brother’s house in the village of Halaleva in Tongatapu.

While many claimed that the image was that of Mary, others are of a different opinion. Mataele’s niece claimed that it was the image of Jesus, Express UK reported. “We all thought it was an image of Jesus,” she said.

Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily also issued a colossal statement. “It could be divine powers, because the figure does look like what Jesus should look like,” Waring stated. “His robe, arms low but spreading out. If he could walk on water, then walking in the sky would be just as easy.”

He added that there have been times he claimed that Jesus is an alien. He stated that back in the 1950s, Val Valient Thor of Venus visited the United States president. In addition, Waring wrote that the Jesus himself sent a message through the image.

Jesus Is An Alien: Mataele’s Reaction

Mataele captured the photo and shared it online. He captioned the photo by stating that the appearance of this image was unexpected. He also thanked the Lord for all the things he and his family received.

However, there were skeptics who stated that these sorts of religious sightings are nothing but impressions created by pareidolia. This happens when the brain makes the eyes see known objects. It could be a face, a figure or animals, in particular shapes and textures within surfaces of rocks or clouds.

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