Turkey Gets Manicure and Massage Sessions, Travels and Attends Music Events

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Turkey Gets Manicure and Massage Sessions, Travels and Attends Music Events Pixabay

A woman named Jodie Smalley has a pet turkey, Easter. They are roommates who do a lot of things together. Their activities range from manicure, massage sessions, attending music events and traveling.

Turkey: Jody Smalley’s Pet

The pet has become her companion, who Smalley would turn to when she is upset. According to Smalley, Easter always makes her smile. She posts photos of their adventures, gliding over mountains in planes. There are also photos showing them whale watching. Others show them simply resting at home.

The 37-year-old Smalley said that the sweet bird gives her immense “emotional support.” Easter has aided her through some of the hardest times in her life, according to Mirror UK.

The woman, in exchange, treats Easter lavishly, such as giving her a nappy. Smalley also loves to give “facials” to Easter. Moreover, she feeds the bird tasty food and takes her on her travels.

Furthermore, Smalley stated that she loves going on walks with Easter and her two cats. They also share food, do chores together and order drive-throughs. They also attend public events such as music shows in the park. Most interestingly, the two also have quiet moments.

“Easter probably has more miles under her wing than any turkey alive,” Smalley said. “She’s traveled by car, plane and boat. She’s been to six different US states, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon and California. People react with amazement.” She added that Easter would blow out the norm of any person’s day when they see her.

Turkey: Therapy Animals

Currently, people are leaning more towards animals to help them get rid of problems and maintain balance during stressful situations. These animals are formally called therapy animals, or emotional support animals (ESA).

There is a process in which people learn how to deal with their mental health issues. It aims to teach a person how to be better at coping in the presence of an animal, as per BBC.

Licensed mental health professionals are the ones who prescribe these animals. They are mostly prescribed to people who have emotional or psychiatric problems.

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