Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl TV Spot Reveals Bumblebee Take Down Optimus Prime

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Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl TV Spot Reveals Bumblebee Take Down Optimus Prime PHOTOGRAPH: Transformers: The Last Knight | Transformers/Facebook

Paramount has released a new Super Bowl TV spot for Transformers: The Last Knight. The footage gave fans some insight into the plot and the upcoming encounters for Cade Yeager and Bumblebee. Unfortunately, Optimus Prime seems to have fallen for the other side.

Like in the previous trailer, Anthony Hopkins narrated again. He teased the movie plot, suggesting that the reason for Transformers’ repeated visit to Planet Earth will finally be revealed. Moreover, the situation seems to have worsened for the protagonist side.

Yeager was seen holding an alien weapon, firing it at his enemy. However, it seems like he is up against rogue humans similar to Transformers: Age of Extinction. The teaser suggested that the all out war against robots did not end in the fourth installment.

Grimlock Attacked By Humans

The Autobots are in trouble. Both humans and Decepticons pose a threat in Transformers: The Last Knight. An innocent Autobot was initially shown with his center core damaged, but he is not the only victim.

Dinobot Grimlock was also shown in the teaser clip but was left devastated from an attack. Grimlock transformed into a T-Rex in the previous movie. Bumblebee seems to be the sole savior, as he goes up against Prime. In the earlier teaser trailer, the yellow Autobot was shown to be outmatched, but the recent clip revealed Bumblebee wielding a hammer, as he smashed a fallen Prime.

Optimus Prime Possibly In Control Transformers: The Last Knight

Prime also managed to meet his creator in Transformers: The Last Knight. In the fourth installment of Transformers, he left Earth to search for his creator. Unfortunately, it looks like he was not enough to stop them.

The extended TV spot revealed that Prime is looking for redemption. Moreover, the background dialogue suggested that his creator has convinced Prime to choose their side over the surviving Autobots and mankind. Moreover, it is clear that Prime was manipulated and is not in control.

Transformers: The Last Knight will hit theaters on June 23. Several casts such as Josh Duhamel will be reprising their characters from previous installments. Hopkins will likely have a prominent role in the movie but there are now available details about his character to date.

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