Tourists Claim to Witness UFO Crashing In France After Lightning Strikes

UFO Sightings

A UFO was allegedly captured on camera in France. The object was flying through the mountainside, as it got struck by lightning. Then it seemingly crashed on Earth.

UFO France: Crash

There was horrific thunderstorm going on in that area. The object was flying through the mountainous region of France during the weather turmoil. At that moment a massive thunder could be heard.

In the video, the thunder then roars across the valleys. Right then the distant flying object smokes and starts spiraling towards the ground. A voice of a woman can be heard off camera, when she shockingly shouts: “Oh my gosh!”

The video was uploaded on YouTube by UFO Today. The video gave rise to shocking reactions from viewers. The footage was taken early this week and uploaded online on January 17, 2016. It shows that the object crashes to the ground over a valley between the mountains.

An alien expert of sorts alleged that after studying the trajectory of the lightning bolt, it could be easily disproved the theories that the object could have been a bird or drone, said The Daily Star. However, no wreckage was discovered after the strike. The blurb in the YouTube video said that the object did not crash into the Earth immediately after the lightning. It continued to stay on its aerial path for a while before its engines were down. The UFO hunter said the movement of the object after being hit by lightning proved it was not a bird. A bird would have dropped to the ground right after being hit.

UFO France: Public Reaction

There were contradicting comments about the video clip from viewers. One of the viewers wrote that it was strange that no one could actually find the wreckage. Another viewer wrote that extraterrestrials are actually present on our planet. One comment objected: “Not saying it’s fake but it could easily be done with editing software.”

Some questioned the authenticity of the video footage. One of them said that it was a fake video as no one went to the crash area to see it closely. Many noted that it was an unidentified flying object, which might not have anything to do with aliens.

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