Top Safest 5 Places To Hide During A Zombie Outbreak

Top Safest 5 Places To Hide During A Zombie Outbreak PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/currens | Under Public Domain Dedication

A group of researchers from Cornell University used a simulation to study a zombie outbreak in 2015. The researchers found out that if ever a zombie outbreak happens in real life, the densely populated cities will surely suffer a huge amount of lives. The research took into consideration the various factors that can affect a human’s survival. One of their conclusion claimed that less populated areas will be the best place to hide during the outbreak.

Cornell University graduate students Alex Alemi and Matt Bierbaum developed Zombie Town USA. The Zombie Town USA is an interactive zombie outbreak simulator. It has a map of the United States where users can star their own zombie outbreak. The map will show which areas are vulnerable. Moreover, it also shows a more densely populated area where the outbreak could quickly spread.

A zombie outbreak might sound to be a work of fiction rather than a reality. However, there are various reports of people eating others. Aside from the reported cannibalism, there are are some illegal drugs that can also induce a zombie-like state. A drug called Flakka causes paranoia and psychosis. Various videos and photos of people high on Flakka showed signs of a zombie behavior. Whatever the reason for the outbreak, it is best for people to be prepared. Here are some of the best places to hide during a zombie apocalypse:

High, Rocky Mountains

In the event of an outbreak, one of the best destinations would be high and elevated areas. The best place would be high and rocky areas. The researchers from Cornell University stated that if an outbreak takes place, the best hideout would be the Northern Rockies, where there are a lot of high mountains. Low temperatures will be helpful to temporarily disable the undead. Some mountains are mostly uninhabited which means that the virus outbreak would be slower.

Drawbacks: The problem it would impose are some dangerous weather conditions. When there is a heavy rainfall, the downpour might cause a landslide which is dangerous for outbreak survivors. The weather in the mountains is also unpredictable which can have an effect on the survivors’ immune system.

Missile Silo/ Military Base

A missile silo is similar to a bunker. It provides the perfect place to hide with several floors underground and a secure perimeter. Most silos and military bases are also well-fortified. There will be a lot of weapons to use in the event of an attack. Additionally, the location of the silos and bases are often in natural areas, which would mean lesser people.

Drawbacks: Scarcity of food supply will be an issue when hiding on a missile silo. Also, survivors have to make sure that the missiles on the silo are in optimum condition to make sure that it will not be tempered and explode unexpectedly.


If the survivors’ found a farm in the middle of a rural area, it will also serve as a good hideout. Survivors can build four walls to secure the perimeter. Most farms will have a good water supply, perhaps the farm will even have a water pit. The location of the farms is far from the cities, which means far from a populated area. Survivors will not worry about food since they plant and grow vegetables. They can also keep some livestock in the area.

Drawbacks: Some zombies might move with herds. Although they might come to the city, the herd will hunt for food and walk for miles. Eventually, they can reach the rural areas. If a herd attacks a farm from all sides, it will be hard to escape the place. Most zombie films, TV shows, games, and books have farms that kept the survivors alive for some time. However, the farm’s weakness is in the huge number of zombies attacking the place.

Ship/Yacht/Sea platform for oil extraction

Survivors on land can meet harsh problems since they are on the same land with the undead. The best getaway would be in the middle of the sea. The survivors can take a ship or a yacht to cruise in the middle of the ocean. The only time they would dock on land is to get resources. Others can opt for a sea platform for oil extraction. For food supply, survivors can learn to fish. Most sea platforms have strong foundations. Even if the zombies learn to swim, survivors in the middle of the sea can fend off the oncoming herd.

Drawbacks: The major disadvantage of being in the middle of the sea is the harsh conditions. During a storm or hurricane, it will be hazardous to the survivors. A tidal wave or a storm surge can also prove to be a problem with hiding out.

Isolated Island

Some of the top destinations during a zombie outbreak is an isolated island. In order to do so, survivors must search for a far, uninhabited island. Survivors have plenty of food, water and a place to build their homes. Out of all the other places, an isolated island could be the survivors best bet to stay alive.

Drawbacks: Most isolated islands has venomous creatures in them. An isolated island in Brazil, called Snake Island, is off-limits to humans because the island is home to some of the most venomous snakes in the world. In every five square-meter, there are about one to five poisonous snakes on the aforementioned island. Other islands can also have harsh weathers. The research concluded that in a real-life zombie outbreak, humanity have little chance to survive. The researchers wrote in their report that if a zombie outbreak happens, “We are largely doomed.”

Source: Fox News, You Can Run, You Can Hide: The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies

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