Tom Brady Career Status, Fifth Super Bowl Ring, Net Worth, Retirement: Here’s What We Know

Tom Brady Career Status, Fifth Super Bowl Ring, Net Worth, Retirement: Here’s What We Know PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Andrew Campbell | Under CC BY 2.0

Tom Brady is the 15th highest paid athlete in the world. His net worth reaches up to $44 million in earnings in 2016. His net worth is the combination of his salary and endorsements. Brady was able to reach the peak of his career due to his impressive statistics in the field.

Tom Brady Net Worth: Salary and Endorsements

Fans are interested with the athlete’s contracts and career path. In February 2016, Brady signed a two-year contract extension that will keep him in a Patriots uniform through the 2019 season. The extension will be an addition to the existing three-year offer that he signed in 2015. The new extension consisted of a $28 million bonus offer. It also lowered his 2016 base wage from $9 million to simply $1 million at the same time. At the time, it was approximated that the brand-new offer might be worth $60 million.

Aside from his salary, it was estimated that Brady makes $8 million in endorsements. These endorsements included the Under Armour and UGG Boots brands. CelebrityNetWorth estimated Brady’s net worth at $180 million. His partner Gisele Bündchen has a net worth of $380 million in her particular career as a model.

Tom Brady’s 400 touchdowns

Aside from Brady’s staggering wealth, the player had also achieved some of the greatest feat in sports’ history. In 2015, a one-yard pass to Danny Amendola in the 2nd quarter of the Patriots’ Week 3 game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars helped Brady to ramp up his ranking. He ended up being the fourth player in NFL history to throw 400 touchdowns.

A Patriots victory this year will give Brady his fifth Super Bowl ring. If he will be successful with the fifth Super Bowl ring he will be one notch ahead of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most rings done by a quarterback. Fans continue to debate if such feat is possible. Hence, the debate was fixed even prior to the kickoffs with two variables. It will be tough for anybody to topple an achievement with seven Super Bowl appearances and 22 playoff wins.

The New England Patriots plans to extend Tom Brady’s contract

The 39-year-old quarterback said in the past that he wanted to play until he is 45. It seems like the New England Patriots might be prepared to give him a shot to prove it. NFL reported that Ian Rapoport from NFL’s Network stated that the Patriots “will want to extend” Brady’s contract following the 2017 season.The report said that the Patriots will want to extend Brady’s contract until the next offseason. The clear indication of this contract extension is the athlete’s declaration to play into his 40s.

In addition, the Patriots examined Brady’s long-term production as part of their own long-term preparation and believe he “will play 3-5 more years.” Brady’s contract with the Patriots is until the 2019 season, when he will be 42. If Brady does play five more years, that would take him until the age of 44.

As of the moment, Brady’s contract is a two-year, $41,000,000 agreement with the New England Patriots. The contract consisted of a $28,000,000 signing bonus, $28,000,000 ensured and an average annual salary of $20,500,000. In 2016, Brady made a base income of $764,705 and a signing benefit of $28,000,000. Brady has a cap hit of $13,764,705 while his dead loan worth is $40,764,705.

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